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What is G-Shock?

G-Shock is a sports watch brand that is owned and manufactured by Casio Computer Company, Ltd.

What makes G-Shock special?

Because of its shockproof construction, your G-Shock will work no matter what, even the cheapest models. It’s rugged, reliable watch that performs well consistently and has a stellar reputation for quality. Soldiers, law enforcement officers, and outdoorsmen love G-Shock watches for that exact reason.

Do Navy SEALs and Special Forces use G-Shock?

Yes, many do. There was a time when Navy Seals were issued the G-Shock DW9900. In the U.S., G-Shock is not an official military issue watch but many service members use it. There is evidence that military units around the world have purchased and distributed G-Shock watches to their members. G-Shock watches are commonly available to purchase at PX stores on military bases. G-Shock is also very popular with law enforcement and emergency rescue personnel.

Can women wear G-Shock watches?

Yes, smaller G-Shock watches like the DW-5600 will fit women’s wrists, and women can even wear the larger models if they want to. Those with smaller wrists should look into the G-Shock-G line.

What is atomic timekeeping?

“Atomic timekeeping” when referring to G-Shock watches means the inclusion of the Multi-Band 6 automatic time adjustment feature. The somewhat misleading term (when applied to watches and G-Shocks) is used because atomic clocks are used as a standard for the time distribution transmitters that broadcast the Multi-Band 6 radio signals. With Multi-Band 6, the watch automatically syncs itself daily through the reception of these radio signals that are broadcast by six stations worldwide. Basically, it is syncing the atomic clock time via radio transmission. This allows the watch to be as accurate as possible on a daily basis, assuming one is within range of a transmitter. The Multi-Band 6 feature is also referred to as “Wave Ceptor” and “Radio-Controlled,” and, as the Multi-Band 6 feature is usually paired with the Tough Solar feature, “Solar Radio.”

Why are some G-Shock watches so expensive now?

G-Shock has been expanding its audience and market with more expensive timepieces, several of which are considered luxury models that cost around a thousand dollars or more. Several factors contribute to the higher prices of these high-end G-Shock watches: the use of premium materials, the inclusion of advanced features that require more engineering and electronics, more complex designs, a more advanced and labor-intensive manufacturing processes, production in Japan (versus the mass-produced models made in Thailand and China), and smaller production runs at Yamagata Casio’s Premium Production Line.

When are new G-Shock watches released?

New G-Shock watches are released on a monthly basis. Casio usually announces new G-Shock models at the start of every month in Japan. These are usually unique color variations of existing models or special limited editions and collaboration models. There are also some completely new G-Shock models introduced throughout the year, and these all-new models seem to be increasing at a faster rate lately. Japan is usually the first country to announce and distribute the new releases to retailers, followed by other Asian countries a few weeks later, and then the U.S., Europe, and other areas, around a month after the Japan release. However, recently we have begun to see other countries releasing some new models at the same time as Japan, and even before Japan, in some cases. New releases for the Asia region are also usually released in the Middle East and Africa, as well as Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand). However, there may be some differences between regions, and some releases may only be released in certain countries.

How long has G-Shock been around and who invented it?

The first G-Shock was introduced in 1983. It was created by a team of engineers led by Kikuo Ibe, who made it his personal mission to design an unbreakable watch. Ibe’s motto is “Never give up.”

Why are G-Shock watches so popular?

There are many reasons. One is utility, which includes durability. People with demanding jobs and an active lifestyle want a watch that won’t break under pressure, performs reliably, and doesn’t get easily banged up. They may also use common G-Shock functions like the stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarms, or more advanced functions like environmental sensors (altimeter-barometer, compass, thermometer). They may need a water-resistant watch, and G-Shock is very reliable in that area. Second is convenience. Some people may not really need such a tough watch or special functions but find features like solar charging, world time, and automatic time-syncing to be very convenient. G-Shock is designed to be a maintenance-free watch. Third is fashion. G-Shock watches are available in a variety of shapes and colors, and even the basic black models have an attractive, rugged look. Though not its original intention, G-Shock became very popular in streetwear fashion in the 1990s and 2000s. G-Shock embraced and expanded that audience by collaborating with popular streetwear brands to release limited edition watches. Individual expression and the exclusivity with limited edition releases also factor into the fashion aspect. Fourth is history. G-Shock has been around for decades and has released a huge amount of watches, making it one of the world’s most recognizable and trusted brands. Most people are aware of its reputation for toughness and reliability. For many people, it is a combination of all these factors. Because it offers such a large selection of versatile, fashionable, and high quality watches, G-Shock has a universal appeal that is not restricted by age, social status, or nationality.

Do Celebrities Wear G-Shock?

Yes, these mega tough timepieces have proven to be so successful that the G-Shock name has spun off into its own universe, boasting a diverse line of watch models. Plenty of celebrities such as Kanye West, Usher, Rihanna, Pharrell, and Justin Bieber, have been known to wear G-Shocks throughout the decades and the watches’ appeal among the famous has remained strong.

Should I buy a solar G-Shock?

If the idea of possibly going over 10 years without having to change the rechargeable battery appeals to you, then yes, you should buy a G-Shock with the Tough Solar feature. However, it should be noted that non-solar G-Shock batteries tend to last a lot longer than their estimated life, depending on usage.

Can I use a G-Shock for scuba diving?

Yes, G-Shock watches can handle recreational scuba diving. Many people scuba dive with them, and you shouldn’t have any problems unless you are diving extremely deep. Casio says not to press the buttons on watches underwater, except for “Diver’s Watch 200M” models like the Frogman line. If you are going to dive to extreme depths regularly or just want the best rated water resistance on a G-Shock, then you should consider the Frogman Series, which is the only G-Shock line that is ISO Diver certified for 200 meters, with buttons that are tested to work underwater. G-Shock tests new models with a machine that simulates water pressure at a 200-meter depth. Casio has also produced videos of real world 200-meter depth tests with the affordable DW5600 and the high end MRGG1000.

What is the difference in models that end in JF,CR,DR,ER?

Assuming all the characters before the last two extended ones in the example are the same, it is the exact same watch with the same features, and those last two characters refer to the market that the watch is meant to be sold in. “JF” stands for Japan. “JR” is (usually) for limited releases in Japan. “CR” and “DR” are for export outside Japan. “ER” is for Europe. While the watch itself is the same, it may come with different packaging and an instruction booklet in a different language, depending on where it is sold.

How can I avoid buying a fake G-Shock?

Do a lot of research before making a purchase and familiarize yourself with all the G-Shock models that you are interested in. If you know what the real model looks like, a fake G-Shock is usually easy to spot, but there are now a lot of higher-quality fakes that may require closer examination. They may look real from afar, but they will look somewhat off, with the lettering and logos, LCD display, case back, and other components looking bad and cheaply made in comparison to a real G-Shock. Stick to trusted and highly rated sellers, and buy from sources that have a good return policy. Beware of prices that look too good to be true. If you receive a fake watch, be sure to demand a return and refund. In particular, beware of older DW-6900 A Bathing Ape collaborations, DW-5600 models like the DW-5600BB-1, the GA-2100 series, and unauthorized GA-110 and DW-6900 collaboration watches, which may use real G-Shock watches that are modified. (Update: Fakes are now rampant on shopping apps in Asia, such as Lazada and Shopee. The official Casio shops can be found on these apps, but there are also many sellers offering fakes of popular G-Shock models. The fakes are usually obvious from the extremely low prices, but we urge you to use extreme caution when buying from unfamiliar sellers on these apps.)

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